Speaking of NRE

Hello, my name is Lucar and I am an addict!

I love NRE. It is a wonderful feeling. The rush of lust and the thrill of the unknown. The moment when that person reflects that NRE feeling can be electric! I love the thrill of exploring the mind of another. If I do this… how will they respond? Oh, wasn’t that fun?!?!! It blinds us to the imperfections of a potential partner, all that we see is the lust and the thrill ride. It can be fantastic while it lasts.

Admittedly, it affects me so strongly that I have brought myself to the point where I realize, all too belatedly, that I will save myself a lot of grief if I proceed slowly at the beginning.

Just recently I felt a strong attraction to a person with whom I seemed to click in many areas. Physically and intellectually we were a very nice match, and she was kinky to boot! Rather than diving in right away, I chose to observe that person for a time. When next I saw them, I allowed myself to be more observant, and realized there were at least two “deal-breakers” in that situation. Had I jumped into the deep end feet first [my modus operandi for way too much of my life] I would have been deep into feeling a responsibility to this person by the time I realized that the deal-breakers existed, and the ending would have been painful and ugly. I still bear the scars from the last time I had to do that. With a little caution, that kind of pain is avoidable.

Yes, I know… it is also possible that I miss out on a potentially wonderful relationship by being too careful. THAT has happened recently as well. After careful consideration, I have concluded that I am willing to take that risk. The pain of having to end a relationship that never should have been is just not worth the risk of starting too soon.

So, here’s the deal… NRE can be/is highly addictive. In my opinion, one must learn to enjoy it without letting it blind you, otherwise you just set yourself up to travel a very rocky road.

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