My original intention was to work for a few more years, despite passing retirement age a while back. As it happened, my plans were recently altered rather suddenly by an unfortunate confrontation on the job. At the end of the day, I was suddenly unemployed, a couple of years before I intended to be.

What to do? Get right back on that horse? … as in should I look for work again? I gave the situation much thought – spent several hours reviewing the financial situation, which turned out to be surprising… in a very pleasant way – and decided to take the plunge.

So… I am retired!

I’ve used the last few weeks to fix up our home and make it a beautiful, peaceful place to live. I must tell you that my psyche still hasn’t absorbed the reality of it. I do not have to go to work today, or tomorrow, or next Monday, or ever, yet financially, I will be fine. I’ve saved and planned – and I really am ready!

I’ve been telling people for a while now that I would like to write more for this website but unfortunately, life gets in the way. Well, the good news for is that for me, life is no longer in the way!! I intend to take some time to add to the body of work that we have started here on a more or less regular basis, and perhaps become more active and vocal in the poly community.

So here I go into the next phase of my life!! Look out world, here I come!!

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