It seems that people like me, those of us who seek to guide others toward healthy relationships, are always talking about communication. We get tired of talking about it. Trust me, it seems that every topic that I deal with has an element of communication to it – but we never stop! There are two reasons why we do that, and we don’t stop: 1 – We’ve found that good communication is an essential part of any healthy relationship. 2 – It’s something that can go wrong, so easily!

I’ve been teaching about healthy relationships and telling others that communication is an essential key to being successful for well over 20 years now, and for all my knowledge and enlightenment, I still make stupid mistakes. I say things that I don’t really mean, or in a way that conveys another meaning, especially if I am feeling a strong emotional response to a situation… or I say something that the person that I am talking to hears as meaning something completely different than what I meant to say, possibly even something that, in my mind, I would never say.

It’s frustrating to know that good communication is absolutely essential, and yet have your own communication go south in a big way!

Just know this: you can never stop being vigilant about your communication. Even then, no matter how careful you are, there will be times when your communication will let you down. You will fail. You are not perfect, and neither is the person you are talking to. You will say things you don’t mean. Your words will be taken to mean something very different than you meant when you said them.

It will happen!!

It’s how you deal with that, how you recover from the situation, that will lead to success, or failure.

Oh! One more thing! After you screw up, after you deal with the aftermath, and move on, you will likely need to forgive yourself. There’s a real challenge for you! I said this wasn’t going to be easy!

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