Dating is risky business!!

How do I meet poly people??

Where do you meet your partners?

How do I get started?

I’ve been seeing variations on these questions recently all over social media.

In one respect I find it exciting, because awareness of ethical polyamory is definitely on the increase. On the other hand, it surely attracts more pretenders and predators.

So – how do you start?

Well you could sit at home and post questions on social media, but what you are most likely to get as a response is either people who are seeking casual sex, or abuse from people who don’t understand why you are polyamorous… or possibly a sexual predator… but the chances of it going well are painfully slim.

Get out into the world!

Go places where people who are not monogamous are more likely to be. Most larger cities now have polyamory/non-monogamy support groups of one kind or another. They are even springing up in small town middle America.

Meet people.

Take the risk of letting them know that you are not monogamous.

Some of them will think you are weird or perverted… some of them may be curious… a few of them might understand, and even be of like mind.

Even with poly people, you may not be attracted to them, or they to you.

In other words, it’s just like dating anyone!!

You take the risk of putting yourself out there and take your chances. Maybe you win… maybe you get hurt… but the first step is to take the risk!

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