Who are these people?

There is no one “type” of person who is practicing non-monogamy or is actively polyamorous. Teachers, health-care workers, lawyers, writers, sex workers, activists, accountants, artists, engineers and clergy, to name a few, have made the choice to define their relationships differently. Someone you sit with at your child’s school, walk with in the dog park, or talk to on your daily commute may well be actively living a polyamorous or non-monogamous lifestyle. They may be raising children with multiple partners or they may well be childless by choice. They may embrace a variety of other subcultures or be “mainstream” middle American. Urban, suburban and rural couples alike have chosen to redefine their relationships.

Why do you use pseudonyms and avatars?

Stepping outside of cultural norms is never an easy choice, and redefining your relationship is a step off the beaten path. For many non-monogamous or polyamorous people, being quiet about their choices is second nature. For many of us here, though we are proud of our choices and our partners, we live in a world, a culture, that is not always willing to accept our choices. Many of us are raising sex and relationship positive children and at the same time striving to protect ourselves from job discrimination and public ridicule. Our desire to protect our families and our privacy should not be the basis to judge our writing or our experiences. Healthy relationships are based in genuine mutual respect. We believe that respecting those who choose to share their experiences, and yet maintaining their privacy, are equally important.

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