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Looking Through seeks submissions centered around the topics of open relationships, marriage, polyamory, swinging, communication, fidelity, inter and intra relationship dynamics, personal reflections and much more. If you have an idea and are not sure that it would fit, please ask. Primarily we are interested in articles and stories, which focus on the relationships and the dynamics of multiple relationships and less on other lifestyle choices. Our readers come from all walks of life and all regions of the country. Some readers have children or remain childless by choice, some are living in multiple relationship households and others in seemingly traditional pairings.

Entries should be between 500-1000 words. Longer entries should be broken into a series, either by you or at the editors’ discretion.

We welcome one time posts or the creation of a regular column. If you wish to become a regular contributor, kindly contact the editor and explain the nature of your entries, ideas or possible column title.

We also welcome simultaneous submissions or reposting of content, which has appeared in other publications, with their permission, link backs are encouraged. Likewise content which has appeared in Looking Through, may be reposted in other publications, 30-days after it has been posted to Looking Through, with an appropriate link back to the original article.

Care should be taken to review the glossary, so that we all have an understanding of the vocabulary we are utilizing, in order to maintain a base line of consistent discourse. The tone of your articles should be honest, sincere and reflective. The editors reserve the right to include an editors note on any post made to the site.

Looking Through is a publication which welcomes and celebrates diversity of experience and encourages articles which present a straight, gay, lesbian, pan-sexual and queer point of view.

For more information please email contact @

**We have had to disable the submission box, given the large amount of spam posts. If you have been considering submitting a post, never fear we still want your post, but the spam has gotten out of control. Please email us.

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